Christopher Wool rug in a client's home

Since 2009, BravinLee editions has been producing hand-knotted rugs based on designs by contemporary artists. BravinLee editions seeks to explore and experiment with other ways in which fine art and fine art imagery can be utilized as the basis for a design platform. Much like fine art prints, the rugs are created in limited editions of fifteen with two artist's proofs. These high-quality creations display rich texture and subtle color variations, adding a new dimension to the oeuvre of the artist while simultaneously paying tribute to the crafting traditions of these weavers, who are artists in their own right. It is hoped that through this project, contemporary art will find its way into the homes of a larger audience beyond the world of commercial art galleries.

Coming soon from BravinLee editions, new carpets by Philip Taaffe, Julio Le Parc, Jonas Wood, Nathalie du Pasquier, Jason Polan and Jennifer Wynne Reeves. BravinLee editions at stand E27 at Untitled Miami this December.

Selecting colors, perusing possible images with Jonas Wood
John Ashbery and Kenneth Goldsmith - Two great minds collaborating

see the results of the Goldsmith/Ashbery Collaboration here

BravinLee's Carolina Mandia and Walter Robinson

Photo above: BravinLee program's Carolina Mandia and artist, Walter Robinson

Carolina Mandía holds degrees in Fashion Design, Textile Surface Design and a Master's degree in Art Market from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She has extensive experience designing textiles for the home as well as hand-knotted rugs. In addition to developing editions for BravinLee Editions, she works designing prints for Ralph Lauren accessories as well as the MoMA, and The Metropolitan Museum. Mandia is a member of ICI Independent Curators International, the American Alliance of Museums, and the Hajji Baba Rug Society of New York. In 2017 she joined the curatorial team at VAEFF, Video Art and Experimental Film Festival in Tribeca, NYC.

In Nepal after the devastating earthquake, chickens enter the factory to inspect the Christopher Wool rug