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Haber, John, Refractory Refractions, Haber Arts, February 20, 2015

Plagens, Peter, A Fantasy World, The Wall Street Journal, February 13, 2015

Deppe, Jennifer, The Unusual World of Jeffrey Beebe, Blog Sixty Hotels


Reviewof the City of Sociopaths drawing by John Haber on of Sociopaths was featured in the January 2014 Space is the Place group show at BravinLee programsin NYC.)

A flattering post--featuring a brief interview--for the City of Sociopaths drawing on NYC Art Scene.

Levi Sherman's review of my Fall 2013 solo show, When Wishing Still Helped: Adventures is Western Refractoria, at Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL. Investigate Levi's further ruminations on his site, Thoughts by Levi Sherman Design.

Chicago arts-scene éminence grise Paul Klein--writing on HuffPo (yeah, I abbreviated it in the most irritating way)--wants to meet me and, hopefully, learn spell my name correctly. (Hah. Just kidding, Paul! Love, Beeby)

My dashed-off-in-an-afternoon AD&D campaign map was featured on Imaginary Atlas.

I won FIRST PRIZE (first prize . . . first prize . . . first prize) in the Storyslingers second annual map making competition. The staggering pile of prize loot completely paid off my student loans and allowed me to gold-plate what is left of my hair.

A lovely mention by Cory Doctrow on BoingBoing.

The Lost Caverns of the Queen of Ropes
dungeon map featured on the blog for Cat Gilbert's 22 Magazine.

Exquisite photographer Bobby Fisher took a photo of me in the studio dressed like a shabby old man in plaid and argyle; he is so good I almost don't look self-conscious. He's got a fantastic blog featuring artists in their respective studios. Visit his website, Albatross Studios.

A nice mentionof one on my big drawings on Beautiful Savage while covering the AD Projects-curated group show, Spectrum Vision. 

Interview with Vision Magazine. Photos and interview by CYJO (Cindy Hwang).