Public Art - Robert Greenberg

Studio in the Park PressInstallation Map 

 Driftwood uses strange and diverse natural shapes are weathered by time tide, sun and current. The textures colors and patinas vary greatly. From this wood Greenberg creates kinetic mobile sculptures that become nature representing nature. The material that is used in these pieces has drifted from some part of the 315 miles of Hudson River that extends from its source in the Adirondacks down to New York Harbor and out to the Atlantic ocean. Thousands of varieties of trees and plant life compose this timeless matte. The material for these sculptures was collected from the rocks banking Riverside Park between 95th and 125th Streets. Greenberg is inspired by the infinite whimsical combinations that can form sculptures both abstract and representative. Floating is the most important aspect of the sculptures representing drifting in water and then in the air both which he sees as natural theatrical events. Breezes will animate them and sunlight will cast deep motion filled shadows like those they once possessed when they were live growth on the banks of the Hudson.