Rug and Editions - James Welling

NA #59, 2011 (Red Stripe) signed and numbered by the artist in Edition of 15 + 3APs Hand dyed silk 102 x 66 inches

NA #59, 2011 (Red Stripe)signed and numbered by the artist in edition of 15 + 3APs Hand dyed silk 72 x 47½ inches

James Welling has created beautiful and challenging photographs for over thirty-five years. Operating in the hybrid ground between painting and sculpture and traditional photography, he is foremost a photographic practitioner, enthralled with the possibilities of the medium. Since the mid-1970s, Welling’s practice has unflaggingly shifted to address an impressive array of issues and ideas: personal and cultural memory, the tenets of realism and transparency, abstraction and representation, optics and description, and the material and chemical nature of photography. His program, in particular, helps refine our definition of a photograph while offering a meaningful new paradigm for contemporary art. He is represented by galleries that are among the most highly respected in the world. The image for the rug is based on a series of photograms called New Abstractions, that Welling creates in the darkroom with an enlarger but without a camera. His work is represented in numerous public collections including those at Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Whitney Museum of American Art. Since 1995 Welling has been the head of the photography department at UCLA.

The rugs are hand-woven, sizes may vary slightly