Rugs and Editions - Christopher Wool

Christopher Wool New Linen 8, 2011 hand-knotted silk signed and numbered by the artist, edition of 15 + 3APs 120 x 96 inches Price: sold out.

Christopher Wool (born 1955) has emerged as one of the most important abstract painters of his generation and one of the most highly esteemed artists in the world. Wool rose to prominence with his experimentations in painting in New York in the 1980s, a time and place where the medium was largely seen as irrelevant to avant-garde practice. Since then the artist has used a variety of means—spray, screens, stencils, rags, solvents, air guns, and other tools—to fully re-imagine the possibilities of gestural mark-making on a surface. He also often now uses photographs of his own paintings as sources for new paintings, taking images of particular passages or gestures—best understood as outtakes or samples—and then transmitting them onto aluminum or linen grounds anew through silkscreen, either alone on a surface or in combination with enamel. And even though the majority of his works are black and white, color also makes rare appearances. Wool was eager to make a rug and remarked “I did always want to make paintings but I always wanted to make a rug.”

The rugs are hand-woven, sizes may vary slightly